The Lonely Spinsters Club




The Lonely Spinsters Club: Kendall, Book 1

She’s stripteased and confused when a romantic night with a hot male stripper turns her world upside down.

Kendall Keogh has it all: a soaring law career, a bank account filled with cash, and an apartment overlooking the Chicago River. But, according to Grandma Bev, Kendall will never be truly happy until she has a man. Kendall is quick to dismiss her grandmother’s unwanted advice especially now that she’s about to become a partner at Leder and Lincoln. 

Her life couldn’t get any better, at least that’s what she thinks until she hosts Ruthie’s bachelorette party. What starts out as a fun girl’s night quickly turns into an evening of debauchery when Officer Giovanni and Officer Lucas, two male strippers, show up unexpectedly. 

Kendall can’t keep her eyes off the dark and stoic Giovanni, and after a few too many Moscow Mules she imagines spending time with him. Despite her longings, they part ways at the end of the party. 

However, with the plotting and prodding of her recently divorced cousin, Freya, Kendall eventually pursues a one-night stand with Gio. But when Gio wants something more permanent, Kendall is forced to reexamine her priorities as well as her lifelong definition of success.

Kendall’s story is the first installment of the five-book romantic comedy series The Lonely Spinsters Club.

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