5 Ways Yoga Will Improve Your Sex Life


Yoga has many health benefits including increased strength, balance, and flexibility. But a consistent practice will have the added perk of improving your sex life. Here are five ways yoga will make you better in bed.

  1. Strengthens your pelvic floor. Many yoga poses require Mula BandhaMula is a Sanskrit word meaning root, and bandha means lock. When practicing mula bandha, you are contracting and lifting the muscles of your pelvic floor. In other words, you are activating the same muscles during mula bandha as you do during Kegel exercises and sex.
  2. Loosens your hip flexors. Hip flexors are the muscles that allow your hip joints to move. Too much sitting can cause tight and weak hip flexors, which can limit a person’s range of motion. Many poses, such as low lunge, high lunge, boat pose, and bridge pose, will help you shake that booty.
  3. Makes your spine more supple and flexible. Most poses require you to curve your vertebrae forward and back. When you first start practicing, you may readily round your spine forward, but rounding backward may not come as easily. However, beginner poses like cat/cow, downward dog, and cobra will have you arching in no time.
  4. Strengthens your shoulders, arms, and legs. By toughening your limbs, you will be more comfortable and steady in any position.
  5. Increases your confidence. Is there anything sexier than feeling good about yourself? With your new long and lean physique, you might even want to leave the lights on.